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FayFoto is perhaps the most enduring commercial photography business in Boston, Massachusetts. We consistently provide top quality photos on assignment for corporate and business clients. FayFoto’s staff members are experienced professionals who listen to our clients and provide them with images they can use in the disciplines of business portraiture, architectural interiors and exteriors, corporate event coverage and product photography. How is FayFoto different? Here’s what you might want to know.

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We Photograph Your People…

A corporation’s people are it’s most valuable asset, and those people have many and varied needs for portraits. Some needs are descriptive - for press releases, web sites and speaking announcements. Some needs are more evocative - for annual reports or editorial purposes. We take the pictures you need efficiently and reliably, respectful of the schedules your people maintain and of the message you need to present.
▶ We invite you to view examples of our work in portraiture and special events.

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We Photograph Your Places…

FayFoto can show your places to their best advantage. Inside or out, we pay attention to the nuances of design and lighting. Whether you own the building or you work in the building or you built the building, we take the photos that present your message.
▶ We invite you to view samples of our architectural, interior and exterior photography.

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We Photograph Your Things…

Boston is a major center for research, design, development, engineering, production and retail sales. Many businesses and corporations in this region produce a broad spectrum of products that need to be shared with the world photographically. Other clients have a need for images of their industrial and manufacturing facilities and equipment. In studio or on location, FAYFOTO is adept at photographing the things that tell your story.
▶ We invite you to view samples of our industrial and product photography.

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Boston’s Business Portrait resource

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Prudential Tower encourages Red Sox

You might also enjoy Boston Scenic Photos. Bring a flavor of what you love about Boston to your home or office with Fine Art photographic prints of Boston scenes and landmarks.

Charles River Basin photo



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FayFoto Boston is a member of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors’ Bureau

What’s so special about FayFoto?

The answer to that question is a lot of little things that add up to something unique. We know there is a lot of raw talent available in today’s marketplace. We expect you to assume that FayFoto photographers are talented - it’s what we’ve got in addition to raw talent that keeps our customers coming back:

FayFoto has been a leading provider of photography for over 80 years! That means we have a lot of stored and shared knowledge and experience. Our staff members are committed, long-term employees (the present owners have a combined experience totaling nearly 60 years). We have been tested. We have been exposed to a wide variety of situations. We can claim to know what we’re doing because we’ve done it!
From image to image, from assignment to assignment, from disk to disk - you know what to expect. We are an intensely customer focussed business. We keep records of our customers’ preferences. We make sure they get what they expect. And we follow up to see if there is anything we can do better.
FayFoto is not one person working out of a car with a cell phone! You will find that friendly, knowledgeable people answer your phone call. Having a staff permits us to be very responsive to your needs and also enables very quick turn around for the images from your assignment.

It’s not just one thing that makes FayFoto distinctive. It’s the sum total of many small but meaningful details. Contact us soon and find how refreshing it can be to work with FayFoto.

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