Retouching: Image Manipulation…

We call this service “image manipulation” because to one degree or another the original content of the image has been changed.

While commercial photographers don’t need to adhere to the same standards that the press needs to, we try not to actually, well… lie! These are edits that are necessary because something which could have happened just didn’t. A member of the team was out of town when the group photo was scheduled and needed to be added. A sign hadn’t been delivered or installed before the photographer arrived. A bit of drapery didn’t extend far enough. That sort of thing.

We have gotten pretty good at making these patches and substitutions believable. Be sure to let us know if there is something we can do in post production to perfect your “nearly perfect” image. (Roll you mouse over the large image to see before and after versions.)

The client had second thoughts about showing their mascot on the furniture! It was more efficient to eliminate an unsightly tangle of wires with retouching than to physically unplug everything. A member of the group arrived shortly after the photo was taken. She was photographed separately and inserted for the final image. Four members of this group were occupied elsewhere when the image was captured. The doorway had to be photographed head-on and the dark paint meant it needed to be lit. The shine was handled by combining two exposures - one with and one without flash. This exterior was marred by the presence of a light pole. A believable composite was made by photographing the subject from several angles and carefully piecing them together.