Retouching: Image Enhancement…

We call this service “image enhancement” because we consider it to be the polish that turns a good image into a great image.

Contemporary media has produced extremely sophisticated consumers who have come to expect idealized renderings of portraits. It is rarely possible to bring hair and makeup stylists to corporate portraiture assignments, so we have become expert at adding the finishing touches after the fact!

We invest considerable effort into making our work invisible, striving to achieve a very natural, believable portrait. We examine selected images carefully, looking in particular for loose necktie knots, blemishes, fly-away hair, shine on noses and cheeks, skin color and glare on glasses. If you have any specific issues you would like us to address please don’t hesitate to point them out. (Roll you mouse over the large image to see before and after versions.)

Control fly-away hair; smooth out complexion. Eliminate reflection on glasses. Refining a necktie knot may seem an insignificant detail but it’s exactly this sort of attention to detail that collectively make a significant difference. It’s critical to maintain a believable sense of the real person, but subduing “smile lines” is often accepted with gratitude. Smoothing and blending minor irregularities in complexion provides a subtle sense of unification. More extensive hair management, requiring a bit of reconstruction to rebuild what would have shown had the lock of hair not been there.