Business Portraits

…or, the “Head Shot.”

FayFoto Boston ranks among the most experienced and most efficient of Boston’s corporate and commercial photographers when it comes to the business portrait.

We Provide the Pictures You Need

Sometimes known as a business “headshot,” this image is one of the essential tools for a business person in today’s workplace. Our clients need solid, flattering portraits for many reasons, including
  • company websites
  • employee bio sheets
  • speaking announcements for conferences and meetings
  • illustrations for articles by or about the subject
Additionally, executives increasingly need a portrait suitable for their participation in social media, including such activities as a professional blog or a LinkedIn profile.
male executive
male executive in front of large window

We Accommodate Your Unique Situation

We can certainly handle a single individual, but many of our clients find it economical to schedule multiple portraits at one session. A FayFoto photographer will set up a compact studio in your office. We bring professional lighting and a background. This enables us to transform a conference room or a corner of a cafeteria into a professional quality, temporary studio.
We understand that our subjects need to be doing many things in a day. We work at making extremely efficient use of the time we have with them, while still giving the subject the attention they deserve.
In most cases we supplement our camera and lighting equipment with a laptop, allowing the subject to see what we are capturing right away. Our subjects universally love this: they know what they are getting and they can potentially make adjustments before it’s too late. This also allows the subject to make a selection at the time of the sitting, significantly streamlining the marketing team’s workflow when deploying images.
FayFoto offers skilled computer artists who work at “polishing” your images. We practice subtlety in our retouching, which means that our portraits always look like real people – great looking real people!

male executive looking off-camera
male african amerian executive, horizontal crop

We Listen to Your Requirements

We don’t force you into a small menu of “packages,” because every one of our clients has unique needs and preferences. We are happy to provide a custom quotation for your specific requirements and at that time we can discuss details such as delivery, file naming and organization, retouching and custom resizing options, all of which can help reduce some of your day-to-day chores.

female affrican american executive, gray background
female executive at desk

Get in Touch!

Please consider contacting FayFoto when the need arises for solid, powerful, effective head shots. We can be reached by phone during business hours at 617-267-2000, or by email at

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