What’s Special About FayFoto Boston?

The answer to that question is a lot of little things that add up to something unique. We know there is a lot of raw talent available in today’s marketplace. We don’t list “talent” as an attribute because we expect communications professionals to expect, to assume that FayFoto photographers are talented . It’s what we offer in addition to raw talent that keeps our customers coming back:


FayFoto has been a leading provider of photography to clients in the greater Boston area for over 80 years! That means we have a lot of stored and shared knowledge and experience. Our staff members are committed, long-term employees (the present owners have a combined experience totaling nearly 60 years). We have been tested. We have been exposed to a wide variety of situations. We can claim to know what we’re doing because we’ve done it.


From image to image, from assignment to assignment, we know our clients’ needs. FayFoto is an intensely customer focused business. We keep records of our clients’ preferences. We make sure they get what they expect, and we follow up regularly to see if we can do anything differently to better meet those clients’ evolving needs.


On the surface it might appear that our product is photography. We like to think that what we offer you is peace of mind! Our goal is to approach every assignment with solid, consistent professionalism and an absence of drama. We have a good track record for customer retention and loyalty, and that’s a reputation a provider of services must earn. We want to be so easy to work with that it doesn’t even occur to you that we’re easy to work with!


FayFoto is not one person who might or might not be available when you reach out. You will find that friendly, knowledgeable people answer your phone call or email. Additionally, having a staff permits us to be very responsive to your needs and also enables very quick turn around for the images from your assignment.

It’s not just one thing that makes FayFoto distinctive. It’s the sum total of many small but meaningful details. Contact us soon and find how refreshing it can be to work with FayFoto.