FayFoto provides photography and related services for Corporate and Non-Profit organizations in Boston and New England.

We can help you tell your company's story.

A corporation’s people are its most valuable asset. Your people have varied needs for portraits. Some needs are descriptive – for press releases, website bios and speaking announcements. Some needs are evocative – for annual report or editorial use. We capture the digital images you need efficiently and reliably. We are respectful of the schedules your people manage and of the message you need to present.

We invite you to view examples of our work in portraiture, your teams at work, group photos, and special events.

FayFoto can show your places to their best advantage. Inside or out, we pay attention to the nuances of design, decor, and lighting. Whether you own the building, or you work in the building, or you built (or are building) the building, we take the photos that present your message.

We invite you to view samples of our architectural, interior and exterior photography.

Boston is a major center for research, design, development, engineering, production and retail sales. Many businesses and corporations in this region produce a variety of products that need to be shared with the world. Other clients need images of their industrial and manufacturing facilities and equipment. Working on location, FayFoto is adept at photographing the things that tell your story.

We invite you to view samples of our industrial and product photography.

FayFoto Boston is an assignment-based, budget-conscious team of friendly, seasoned, professional photographers who are skilled at providing digital images for websites and other media.

We listen to our clients. We seek to be partners with our clients, if only briefly, supporting the organizations’ objectives. We know how to provide the visual resources you need to tell the story of your company or organization, whether that be business head shots, groups, architectural interiors and exteriors, corporate event coverage, industrial, or product photography.

Learn more about FayFoto Boston, our philosophy, and our approach to business on the page entitled “What’s Special about FayFoto?“.