The Business Portrait

Commonly referred to as a “head shot”, and now a vital business tool, the business portrait appears on bio pages of websites, LinkedIn profiles, blogs, speaking and conference announcements, trade publications, and a myriad of other places.

Many of our clients request a plain photographic studio background. We have several to choose from. Our default is a charcoal gray unless you specify otherwise. We have found this works well over a wide range of complexions and wardrobe choices. Consistency from person to person and year to year is also easier to maintain when we have control over the background.

However, if it fits your needs and your design specifications, we can (and frequently do) photograph the subject in an environment at your work place rather than positioning him or her in front of a studio background.



We will come to your office, where we set up a temporary studio in a conference room or a training room or a lunch break room. We’ll come to your office for one portrait or dozens.


We generally arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of time to set up. If time permits we prefer to capture images to a laptop. This interactive approach allows our subject to review, approve, and select an image right then and there. Selected images are carefully optimized back at our studio to ensure that everyone looks great. Final, optimized files are delivered electronically unless you request an optical disc. Pricing is quoted on a per-assignment basis, so feel free to reach out and tell us what you need.