How to book a portrait assignment

We try hard to make it easy for you to work with FayFoto but there are a few things to be aware of when setting up an assignment. This article will focus on setting up a headshot portrait session at your office, but much of the information applies to assignments of other types. (Note: Portraits in our Brighton studio don't require setup time.)

Details Matter

With a little attention given to clarifying a few critical details, arranging for a photo shoot at your office becomes a lot easier. Here's a little script:

The x-Company would like to arrange a photo shoot for x-Number of employees on x-Date at x-Time (am/pm).

That was easy, wasn't it? So here's a little additional information. It takes us 20-30 minutes to set up, so when you specify a time we'll invariably ask "is that ready-at or arrive-at?" For example, if you state that 10:00 am is the ready-at time (meaning when the first subject has been told to show up), we'll probably arrive at your office by about 9:30.

Your people are harder to schedule than our people!

Please don't start the conversation with "when are you available?" With three full time photographers, our schedule is likely to be more flexible than your subjects' schedules are, especially when you are trying to juggle the calendars of several busy executives. So start with a date/time (or maybe some options) which you know will work for your people. For example:

We have 4 people available on Tuesday at 10:00.

We'll do our best to be available at your convenience. When it does happen that we can't make a date/time request, it's generally a pretty quick negotiation to arrive at a date that works for everyone.


Phone or email both work. Please use the phone if this is a last minute or rush assignment! Phone conversations are often the quickest, most efficient way of exchanging a bunch of information all at once. Don't hesitate to make the initial outreach by email, but don't be surprised if we follow up with a phone call to clarify some details


Once the date and time are established, here are a few things that will make the assignment go smoothly:

  • We will provide you with the name of the photographer who will be handling your assignment. Please make sure our photographer is registered with Building Security!
  • Please schedule your subjects efficiently! If the subject will be asked to select an image at the time of the sitting we find that not more that 15 minutes and not less than 10 minutes per person is comfortable spacing.
  • Please be sure the room we will be set up in is reserved for sufficient time. In addition to the time scheduled for photography, don't forget we need setup time at the beginning and break down time at the end.
  • It's very helpful for us to know a name and phone number for our on-site contact. (It's no fun being stuck on the outside of a locked door off the elevator and have no way of contacting a client!)

Estimates and Special Requests

If you need an estimate, or have any special requests (such as a special background, or some group photos in addition to the portraits, or a particular time sensitivity for delivery of final images) be sure to let us know that. We're happy to provide a custom estimate for your assignment. Knowing about special requests in advance will assure that our photographer will arrive with the proper equipment. Being alerted to critical delivery time will ensure we get you the images by your deadline.

That covers what we need to know from you in order to ensure a smooth and efficient location portrait photo session. We'll look forward to working with you!