Masks and Manners, Spring 2022


As of April 2022, our corporate clients appear to be relaxing somewhat with regard to COVID concern. Our valued, long-standing clients are returning to office life and now need to catch up with an extensive backlog of business portraits.

This is wonderful!
We all know COVID hasn't gone away and there's still that lingering social awkwardness regarding masks.
Should I wear a mask, or shouldn't I?
If you notice me wearing a mask (not realizing that it's out of courtesy for you), do you suddenly feel like you should put yours on (for me)?

Awkward is almost an understatement.
Here's how the FayFoto Boston team is handling it.

  • We still arrive at a client's location wearing a mask, and we ask what the client is comfortable with. This is a moving target, because what might have been the case on a previous assignment might not be the case on the current assignment.
  • If the prevailing understanding within a given office is that masks are at the discretion of the individual, we will probably remove ours, certainly during set up and break down when we're alone.
  • But if our contact indicates that, regardless of the overall office policy, a specific individual would be more comfortable if we are masked we don't ask questions. Our mask goes on. Absolutely.

Everyone I have interacted with this Spring (2022) has ruefully acknowledged the lingering social awkwardness of mask wearing.
Everyone has seemed to appreciate my cautious and courtious gesture.
Almost everyone has indicated they are comfortable with us unmasked, but not everyone.

We recognize that COVID isn't gone.
Even for vaccinated and boostered people.
We recognize that we are an outside vendor, a service provider.
It only makes sense to err on the side of caution and respect.

When you book your next assignment with FayFoto Boston, don't hesitate to let us know what your specific professional community's policy is regarding mask wearing.