I'll end 2019 with a quick story.

In our day-to-day work at FayFoto Boston we mostly photograph real people. Civilians, as opposed to actors or celebrities or professional models.

Many of these real people are uncomfortable being photographed by a stranger in an oddly formal context. Some have never had a professional headshot taken before. All are acutely aware of the importance of looking like the ideal version of themselves, and are grappling with whatever that means.

I'm used to this. I arrive in a situation with some expectations of my own. I expect at some point I'll be asked if I can add hair, or erase pounds or years, or make a bank branch manager look like George Clooney. (I'm not making any of this up.)

Even so, as I was smoothing down a female executive's stray and flyaway hairs and straightening her necklace recently, I was a bit taken aback when she commented "You must judge people all day long."

"Oh goodness no," I replied quickly and with what I hoped was reassuring earnestness. "I never judge, though I'll admit I do evaluate."

"Zhoosh," she said. "You must zhoosh people all day long."

When we both stopped laughing at my misunderstanding I agreed that yes, I do a fair bit of zhooshing, both during and after the photo session.

It's what we do. It's as much a part of a business headshot as lighting and exposure.

I hope you'll consider asking FayFoto Boston to treat your staff and coworkers to a little zhooshing in the year to come.

Happy New Year!